Gheorghe Nicolaescu - 65 JT - C24-xii-2018

Gheorghe Nicolaescu - 65 Jubilee  Tourney  2018 

Endgame  studies – informal tourney, free theme.

Judge: Sergey Osintsev (Russian Federation).

Send your compositions before December 25, 2018
to Dan-Constantin Gurgui via e-mail

The compositions will be published in the "e4 e5" magazine.

Maximum number of entries per composer: 5.

Arthur Willmott MT 2017 - C30-vi-2018

Arthur Willmott Memorial Tourney 2017  Fairies

H#2 – informal tourney, free theme, only Princess fairy pieces are allowed.
Zero-positions and fairy pieces and/or conditions are not allowed.

Judge: Anatoly Karamanits (Ukraine).
Maximum number of entries per composer: 5.

Send your compositions to Dan-Constantin Gurgui via e-mail:

Award will be published on the “e4 e5” magazine.
All participants will receive the award by e-mail.

Closing date: June 30, 2018.

György BAKCSI - 85 jubilee tourney, C06-04-2018

CSÁK – MAJOROS – PÁSZTOR – 2017-2018

(György BAKCSI - 85 jubilee tourney)
On the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the birth of the International chess-problem composer
Grandmaster György BAKCSI a tourney will be held in the following classes:

 I.: Helpmates in 4-6 moves.
Theme: Only two solutions allowed, in one black castles,  in the other one no.
 Judge: János CSÁK.

II.: Helpmates in 4-6 moves.
Free theme.
Judge: József PÁSZTOR

Computer-controlled entries, with diagram, full solution and name(s) and address(es) of author(s),
should be sent to the organizer: Béla MAJOROS .

Deadline for entries: 06 April 2018 

Puiu Popescu - 70 JT 2017, C31-xii-2017

"Puiu Popescu - 70" JT 2017

#2  -  formal  composing tourney,
free theme,
fairy pieces and conditions are not allowed,
maximum number of entries per compose: 5.

Judge: Emmanuel Manolas (Greece).

Closing date:  December  31, 2017.

Entries to Dan-Constantin Gurgui via e-mail:

All received problems will be presented to the judge in anonymous form.
Award will be published on the “e4 e5” magazine.
All participants will receive the award by e-mail.

Marcel Tancau MT 2017, C 25-xii-2017

Marcel Tancau Memorial Tourney 2017

(see also

Formal composing tourney in two sections,

a) free theme for section directmate #2 and
b) form HotF for section helpmate h#2

(HotF = Helpmate of the Future, the composition has only (one or more) pairs of closely related variations).

Judge: Emmanuel Manolas.

Send your compositions before  December 25th 2017


The award will be published in the "e4 e5" magazine.

All participants will receive the award by email.

Maximum number of entries per composer: 5.

e4 e5 10 years JT, C24-xii-2017

”e4 e5” 10 years Jubilee Tourney
Endgame studies – informal tourney, free theme Judge: Peter GYARMATI

Send your compositions before December 25th 2017
The compositions will be published in the "e4 e5" magazine.
Maximum number of entries per composer: 5.

20 TT The Problemist of Ukraine - C09-xi-2017

Announcement :

20 TT “Problemist Ukrajiny” (The Problemist of Ukraine) – 2017
«Problemist of Ukraine» announces a tourney in three sections for miniatures presenting the
below themes (see announcement).
Original problems are to be sent before 10.11.2017,
to Mykola Chernyavskyy:
In each of the sections, the winner will then propose a theme for the next tourney and judge it.
Please abide by this requirement.
Results will be published in the journal "Problemist Ukrajiny” and
at WEB-site grandmaster V. Kopyl:
We will also be thankful for sending us published problems presenting the themes.

5th International Internet Ty UAPA, C30-x-2017


Section  A : Thematic – Domination – Slogan : Win
 Pieces minors  capture the Queen

In this  section  In the initial position, additional pieces may be present 

Section B :  Theme Free

B.1. Studies Win

B.2Studies Draw

Judge Peter Gyarmati (Hungary) 

Entries – not more than three per composer (in each subsection) 

– Send to the tourney director: Mario G. García (Argentina). Email: 

– Closing date 30.10.2017 

– All the selected original studies periodically will be posted on the website of the UAPA:

- Prizes , honourable mentions , commendations and special nominations will be awarded.
- The provisional award will be issued in February  2018, and  you can see in the same website and will be sent-to-participants-by-e-mail.

Italian Composing Tourneys ASIGS, C30-x-2017

The Italian Correspondence Chess Association (ASIGC)

Announce the

12° International Chess Composing Tournament 2017
2# - free theme – Judge: Marco Guida

14° International Chess Composing Tournament 2017
H#2 - free theme - Judge Int.: Antonio Garofalo

Original chess problems are requested. No zero-position, no fairies.

Originals will appear in Newsletter Asigc and every composer will receive via email the justificative and copy of award.
There will be diploma ASIGC for the top three.

Send to:

Closing date: 30.10.2017

Pat A Mat Tourneys, C14-x-2017

PAT A MAT has pleasure in announcing international tourneys for

a) orthodox twomovers 2017 (judge Zoltan Labai, Slovakia)
2#, send to Peter Gvozdjak, email :

b) threemovers 2016-2017 (judge Michal Dragoun, Czechia)
3#, send to Marian Krizovensky, email :

c) moremovers 2016-2017 (judge Grigorij Popov, Russia)
n#, send to Juraj Lorinc, email :

d) studies 2016-2017 (judge Peter Gyarmati, Hungary)
+/=, send to L'ubos Kekely, email :

e) helpmates 2017 (judge Valerij Kirillov, Russia)
h#, Ladislav Packa, email :

f) selfmates and reflexmates 2016-2017 (judge Ladislav Salai jr., Slovakia)
s#, Josev Havran, email :

g) fairy helpmates 2017 (judge Vaclav Kotesovec, Chesko)
send to Juraj Brabek, email :

h) other fairy compositions off all kinds 2017 (judge Juraj Brabec, Slovakia)
send to Juraj Brabek, email :

Send entries as soon as possible but before 15th October of the year.

Peter Krug-50 JT, C30-ix-2017

To celebrate the 50th birthday of Peter Siegfried Krug a composing tourney for endgame studies is announced.
– Theme: free
– In two sections :
A Studies Win –
B Studies Draw –
Maximum 3 entries are allowed in each section –

Judge: Peter S. Krug
– Send your original entries to director: Mario G. García   by e-mail to:

Prizes, honourable mentions, commendations and special nominations will be awarded.
– The provisional award will be issued in December 2017, it will be sent to participants by e-mail, and you may see it in the websites of ARVES and UAPA.

Closing date: September 30th, 2017

3rd Tourney FRME 2017, C30-ix-2017

3rd Tourney FRME 2017

The Royal Moroccan Chess Federation (FRME) organizes the 3rd contest for composition of chess problems in 4 sections:

- Twomovers (#2) Judge: Valerio Agostini (Italy)
Send your #2 problems to Younes Benjelloun,

- Threemovers (#3) Judge: Aleksandr Sygurov (Russia)
- Moremovers(#n) Judge: Valery Kirillov (Russia)
Send your entries to: Vidadi Zamanov, Vidadi Street, 4/6, Goychay AZ 2300, Azerbaijan.

- Helpmates (h#2) Judge: Vasil Krizhanivskyi (Ukraine)
Send your h#2 problems to Jamal M Elbaz, Résidence Alhanae villa n°7 Guich Loudaya 10160 Temara Morocco.

The deadline for receiving problems is 30/09/2017.

Марокканская королевская федерация шахмат (FRME) организует 3-й конкурс составления шахматных задач в 4-х разделах:

- Двухходовки (#2) Судья: Valerio Agostini (Италия)
Отправляете ваши двухходовки Younes Benjelloun, N6 rue 9 hay salam ainkadous fes

- Трехходовки (#3) Судья: Александр Сыгуров (Россия) 
- Многоходовки (#N) Судья: Валерий Кириллов (Россия)
Отправляете ваши трехходовки и/или многоходовки Видади Заманову, Vidadi Street, 4/6, Goychay AZ 2300, Azerbaijan.

- Коопмат в 2 хода (h#2) Судья: Василий Крижановский (Украина)
Отправляете ваши задачи на коопмат в 2 хода Jamal M Elbaz, Résidence Alhanae villa n°7 Guich Loudaya 10160 Temara Morocco.

Крайний срок присылки задач: 30 сентября 2017.

Moscu - 2017, C15--ix-2017

MOSCU – 2017

Judges :

Mate in Two  (# 2) – Paul Murashev, E-mail:

Mate in Three  (# 3) – Igor Agapov, E-mail:

Moremoves (# N) – Yakov Vladimirov, E-mail:

Helpmate – Victor Zaitsev, E-mail:

Selfmate – Gennady Kozyura, E-mail:

Feericos – Alexander Pin, E-mail:

Studies – Sergey Osintsev, E-mail:

The maximum number of pieces – 15 for problems,  and  for studies – 10.

Send the compositions to the judges and
a copy to the director of the competition Andrei Petrov, E-mail:

Closing date: – 15 September 2017 (09/15/2017).

URAL Competitions, C14-viii-2017


1. Memorial Competition “Pavel Babich-110 + Bronislav Olimpiev – 80”.
-Studies. Judge Sergey Osintsev. Send to mail address of Sergey Osintsev

2. Memorial competition “Vladimir Zheltonozhko – 75”.
– Mat in 3 moves. Judge Igor Agapov. Send to mail:
– Multihook. Judge Valery Kirillov. - Back mats. Judge Valery Kirillov. Send to mail:

3. Memorial competition “Alexander Kozlov-120”.
– Mat in 2 moves. Judge Vyacheslav Pilchenko.-Send to mail:

4. Jubilee competition “Felix Rossomaho-80”.
– Mat in 3 moves. Judge Felix Rossomaho.-Send to mail address of Sergey Osintsev

Deadline for submission to all competitions-August 14, 2017

The results of the contest will be published in a special issue of the magazine The Ural Problemist 

1. Мемориальный конкурс “Павел Бабич-110 + Бронислав Олимпиев - 80”.
-Этюды. Судья Сергей Осинцев.
2. Мемориальный конкурс “Владимир Желтоножко - 75”.
- Мат в 3 хода. Судья Игорь Агапов.
Посылать на почту:
- Многоходовки. Судья Валерий Кириллов.
- Обратные маты. Судья Валерий Кириллов.
Посылать на почту:
3. Мемориальный конкурс “Александр Козлов-120”.
- Мат в 2 хода. Судья Вячеслав Пильченко.
Посылать на почту:
4. Юбилейный конкурс “Феликс Россомахо-80”.
- Мат в 3 хода. Судья Феликс Россомахо.
Задачи посылать на адрес Сергея Осинцева
Срок присылки на все конкурсы -14 августа 2017 года
Итоги конкурса будут опубликованы в специальном выпуске журнала “Уральский проблемист”

Andrey Selivanov is 50 JT, C09-vii-2017

Юбилейный конкурс «АНДРЕЮ СЕЛИВАНОВУ- 50»

Российская шахматная федерация и журнал “Шахматная композиция” объявляют конкурс составления шахматных композиций, посвящённый 50-ти летнему юбилею вице-президента Российской шахматной федерации, международного гроссмейстера по шахматной композиции, многократного чемпиона мира Андрея Владимировича Селиванова, по шести разделам:

Двухходовки (#2)
Трехходовки (#3)
Многоходовки (#4-7)
Этюды ( +- / = )
Задачи на кооперативный мат (h#3-7)
Задачи на обратный мат (s#3-7)

Судья всех разделов – юбиляр.

Установлены  призы, почетные и похвальные отзывы.

Во всех разделах  для призёров установлены книжные призы, оригинальные медали, дипломы.
Композиции, не более 3-х от автора в разделе (включая совместные), до 09.07.2017 следует посылать в адрес директора конкурса Бориса Шорохова  по e-mail:  (с пометкой «А. Селиванов - 50») и указанием домашнего адреса .

Просьба композиции присылать в формате DOC (не PGN).

Рекомендации по оформлению композиций (не обязательные): шрифты: для диаграмм GoodCompanion, для нотации Ches или английской транскрипцией KQRBS.

Итоги будут опубликованы на сайте и изданы отдельным буклетом в декабре 2017 года.

Anniversary competition “Andrey Selivanov is 50”
Russian Chess Federation and the magazine “Chess composition” are announcing the chess composition competition dedicated to the semicentenary  jubilee of Andrey Selivanov, the Vice-President of the Russian Chess Federation, in six sections:

Twomovers (#2)
Threemovers (#3)
Moremovers (#4-7)
Etudes ( +- / = )
Helpmate problems (h#3-7)
Selfmate problems (s#3-7)

The judge of all the sections is the anniversary celebrant.

The prizes ascertained are books, certificates of commendation and honourable mentions.

The original medals and diplomas are ascertained for the winners in all the sections.

 At-most-three compositions including joint are possible.

Please send the compositions to Boris Shorokhov, the director of the competition, on the e-mail not later than July 9, 2017 (annotated “A. Selivanov is 50”) with home address.

Please send your compositions as DOC (not PGN).

The considerations of the compositions are the following (not compulsory): the type for diagrams is GoodCompanion, for notation – Ches or by the English transcription KQRBS.

The results will be published on the web-site and edited in the separate brochure in December 2017.

Horacio L. Musante MT-100, C 09-vii-2017

The Union Argentina of Problemistas’s of Chess is pleased to announce a formal international chess problem composing Tourney in memory of the argentine composer Horacio L. Musante

Read about the composer here :
See other details and more problems starting here :

#2 – Judge: Valerio Agostini ( Italy)

#3 and
#n – ( in two sections a) #4 to #6, and b) #7 to more) Judge : Mario G. García (Argentina)

Send the problems to the Coordinator of the tournaments :
Felipe Guanca – Email:

–Prize , honourable mentions, commendations and special nominations, will be awarded. The preliminary and final awards of the tourney will be sent to participants by e-mail and will be published on the websites

– Unión Argentina de Problemistas de Ajedrez (UAPA)

Closing date: 9 -7- 2017

Carlos Nafarrate 100th JT, C07-vii-2017


Carlos Nafarrate, esteemed composer of chess problems and more esteemed author of palindromes, will celebrate 100 years old in July 07, 2017.  To celebrate his anniversary, the Argentine Union of Chess Problems announces the “Jubilee Tourney Carlos Nafarrate – 100” with  the stipulation mentioned below:

Single section- Help-stalemate (h=n) with symmetric position and asymmetrical solution/solutions. There are not accepted zeropositions, promoted pieces, fairy pieces and/or fairy conditions.

Judge: Jorge M. Kapros.

Unlimited computer-tested entries must be sent in diagrams with complete solution and any comments by e-mail to the Director of the event Mario G.Garcia

The closing date is July 07, 2017.

The award will be sent by e-mail to all participants and published on the site of the Argentine Union of Chess Problems, site dedicated to the history of chess problem composition in Argentina.

See here about symmetrical solutions, or even here for the symmetry in general.

Mečislovas Rimkus – 75 JT, C30-vi-2017

The Lithuanian chess composers` society announces a jubilee tourney Mečislovas Rimkus – 75.

There are sections: #2, #3, #n, h#2, h#3, h#n.
If there were a lot of miniatures – they will compete in another sections.

The theme is free.

Entries with diagrams must be sent by 1st of July, 2017,
to Mečislovas RIMKUS, Pušyno g. 1-2, LT-71215 Kriūkai, Šakių rj., Lithuania
or by e-mail:

Write your post address.

The judge will be Mečislovas Rimkus.

Prizes: Lithuanian books of chess composition.
Every participant will receive a book by M. Rimkus.

The award will be announced in Lithuanian site:
on 24th of December, 2017 (birth day)
and printed in „Šachmatija“ N.4/2017.

e4 e5 "Gheorghe Ristea", C30-vi-2017

The "e4 e5" magazine announces the ”Gheorghe Ristea-75” Jubilee Tourney

#2 - formal tourney, free theme,
Maximum number of entries per composer: 5.

closing date June 30th 2017

Judge: Jorge Marcelo Kapros

Send your compositions to

Jubilé Jamal Elbaz 60, C 09-vi-2017

Jubilé Jamal Elbaz 60

La Fédération Royale Marocaines des Echecs organise Le jubilé 60 ans de Mr Jamal Elbaz.
Une seule section Helpmat en 2 coups.

HelpMat 2 coups ( H2#) : Juge Zivko Janevsky

Vos inédit à MJ Elbaz

Closing date 09/06/2017 anniversaire de Jamal Elbaz

Islam Kazimov – 65 JT, C31-v-2017

Islam Kazimov – 65 JT, 2017 (#2, #3)

The Azerbaijan Chess Composition Commission announces an International Composing
“Islam Kazimov – 65”' jubilee tournament for twomovers and threemovers (free theme).
Judge: #2, #3 - Araz Almammadov (Azerbaijan).
Send to tournament director: Vidadi Zamanov (Azerbaijan)

Closing date: 31. 05. 2017. The award – 2017.

Suleyman Abdullayev – 50 JT, C31-v-2017

Suleyman Abdullayev – 50 JT, 2017 (#2 - Miniature)

The Azerbaijan Chess Composition Commission announces an International Composing
“Suleyman Abdullayev – 50”' jubilee tournament for miniature twomovers (free theme).
#2 - Judge: Suleyman Abdullayev (Azerbaijan) .
Send to tournament director: Elmar Abdullayev (Azerbaijan)

Closing date: 31. 05. 2017. The award - 2017.

Agshin Masimov - 55 JT, C31-v-2017

Agshin Masimov - 55 JT, 2017 (Studies)

The Azerbaijan Chess Composition Commission announces an International Composing
“Agshin Masimov - 55” jubilee tournament for studies (free theme).
Judge: Agshin Masimov (Azerbaijan). Send (please PGN) to tournament director: Elmar Abdullayev (Azerbaijan)

Closing date: 31. 05. 2017. The award - 2017.

Samir Badalov - 55 MT, C31-v-2017

Samir Badalov - 55 MT, 2017 (Studies)
(13.02.1962- 25.08.2011)

The Azerbaijan Chess Composition Commission announces an International Composing “Samir Badalov-55 MT” memorial tournament for studies (free theme).
Judge: Muradkhan Muradov (Azerbaijan).
Send (please PGN) to tournament director: Elmar Abdullayev (Azerbaijan)

Closing date: 31. 05. 2017. The award – 2017.