20 TT The Problemist of Ukraine - C09-xi-2017

Announcement :


20 TT “Problemist Ukrajiny” (The Problemist of Ukraine) – 2017
«Problemist of Ukraine» announces a tourney in three sections for miniatures presenting the
below themes (see announcement).
Original problems are to be sent before 10.11.2017,
to Mykola Chernyavskyy: mt41251@gmail.com
In each of the sections, the winner will then propose a theme for the next tourney and judge it.
Please abide by this requirement.
Results will be published in the journal "Problemist Ukrajiny” and
at WEB-site grandmaster V. Kopyl: http://www.chess-kopyl.com.ua/.
We will also be thankful for sending us published problems presenting the themes.