Abdurahmanovic and Prcic 80 JT, C15-ix-2019

Fadil Abdurahmanović and Mike Prcic 80 th Jubilee Tourney
Celebrating 64 years of composing chess problems

StrateGems is announcing a jubilee tourney to celebrate the 80 th birthdays of
Fadil Abdurahmanović and Mike Prcic. This tourney will be in three sections:

Section A: Helpmates in 2 or 3 moves with set-play (h#2*, h#3*).
Section B: Helpmates in 2 or 3 moves with at least 2 solutions (no twins).
Section C: Helpmates in 4 or more moves.

The theme for the first two sections (A and B) is the following: Antinomy (Contrasting Play).
The thematic pieces in the first phase cause a certain effect, while in the second phase the
same thematic pieces cause contrasting (contradictory) effect.
Here are some examples of Antinomy: Guard - unguard, Blocking - unblocking, Closing lines -
opening lines, Pinning - unpinning, Critical move - anti-critical move, Bristol - Anti-Bristol,
Check - Check prevention.

The theme for Section C is: Helpmate in 4 or more moves using at least two of the following
themes: Rundlauf, Platzwechsel, Indian and Klasinc.

Judges: Fadil Abdurahmanović and Mike Prcic.
The tourney director is Marko Klasinc.
All entries should be sent to him by email: marko@mar-vik.si.
The due date is September 15 th , 2019.
The results will be published in the January 2020 issue of StrateGems.
All awarded problems will receive book prizes and free electronic subscriptions to StrateGems.