16th Romanian Tzuica Tourney, C02-ix-2018

We have the great pleasure of announcing the 16th Tzuica Tourney.

16th Romanian Tzuica Tourney

Theme: hs#n/hs=n, at least 3 (stale)mates on the same square

Scope: Any fairy piece and/or condition are allowed

Judges: Vlaicu Crisan & Eric Huber

Prizes: Bottles of Tzuica

Audience: The tourney is open to everyone, but only congress participants can receive bottles.

Deadline: September 5th (Wednesday) around 8 p.m. to Dinu-Ioan Nicula, or by email until September 2nd  to Eric Huber hubereric@yahoo.fr 

Details: In the PDF document : https://drive.google.com/file/d/16uezG98UwUthUwmu9KGlha5f9ppIWqsd/view?usp=sharing

Best wishes,

Eric Huber & Vlaicu Crisan