Alex Ettinger-90 MT, C 30 XI 2013

The Israel Chess Composition Society is announcing a composition tourney to commemorate the 90′s birthday of Alex Ettinger (1923-2005). Alex, born in Frankfurt, Germany, immigrated to Israel in 1933 and was a dedicated member of our society. Required are fairy miniatures with free theme. All types of problems are accepted but with at least one fairy condition and one fairy piece.

Judge: Michael Grushko

Entries to the director, Paz Einat (; 45a Moshe Levi St. Nes Ziona, 74207, Israel).

Closing date: 30 November 2013

Magyar Sakkvilág 2013, C 15 XI 2013

Magyar Sakkvilág 2013

Magyar Sakkvilág pubblicherà gli elaborati trasmessi ( concorso informale ).
Direttore: Péter Gyarmati ( Ungheria ).
Giudice: Eduard Eilazyan ( Russia ).
Tema libero.
Inviare i finali artistici a Péter Gyarmati entro il 15 novembre 2013:
Verdetto su Magyar Sakkvilág.

(Source : Tornei di Studi : NewsLetter ASIGC n. 24 – Aprile 2013)

Zivko Janevski-60 JT, C 15 XI 2013

Announcement :

Vladimir Zabunov-85 MT, C 15 XI 2013

Announcement :

Award (22.03.2014) :




There have been 157 entries for this challenge, which were available to all participants at the Mat Plus site. Milan’s intention was to publish an article including all the correct entries in Mat Plus. We have decided that it would be appropriate to eventually publish this article dedicated to the memory of Milan. Owing to the impossibility to associate each diagram to its composer, we have decided to proceed as follows:

(1) All participants are asked to kindly send again the same original problems to me, preferably in PDF format, before November 3, 2013.
(2) I will organize all the problems classified by loci, including the solutions of the problems and the name of the authors, in article format in a preliminary document.
(3) The current status of the problems is that of “unpublished”, as they are not available to an unrestricted number of people. However, we believe that the entries somehow belong to Milan, and we have thus decided to include them all in the final article. Any unmatched entry will thus be published as “anonymous.”
(4) A preliminary version of the article will be circulated in December 2013 to any person who has contacted me stating his will to add some comments to the article.
(5) The final version of the article will be published in 2014.

Please circulate this communication to anyone who may have participated in the challenge.

Joaquim Crusats,
on behalf of the composers representing the majority of entries, see the Mat Plus forum thread with title “PAPE TT (Mat Plus Challenge for Spring-Summer 2012)”.

July 28, 2013