Pat A Mat Tourneys, C14-x-2017

PAT A MAT has pleasure in announcing international tourneys for

a) orthodox twomovers 2017 (judge Zoltan Labai, Slovakia)
2#, send to Peter Gvozdjak, email :

b) threemovers 2016-2017 (judge Michal Dragoun, Czechia)
3#, send to Marian Krizovensky, email :

c) moremovers 2016-2017 (judge Grigorij Popov, Russia)
n#, send to Juraj Lorinc, email :

d) studies 2016-2017 (judge Peter Gyarmati, Hungary)
+/=, send to L'ubos Kekely, email :

e) helpmates 2017 (judge Valerij Kirillov, Russia)
h#, Ladislav Packa, email :

f) selfmates and reflexmates 2016-2017 (judge Ladislav Salai jr., Slovakia)
s#, Josev Havran, email :

g) fairy helpmates 2017 (judge Vaclav Kotesovec, Chesko)
send to Juraj Brabek, email :

h) other fairy compositions off all kinds 2017 (judge Juraj Brabec, Slovakia)
send to Juraj Brabek, email :

Send entries as soon as possible but before 15th October of the year.