Mečislovas Rimkus – 75 JT, C30-vi-2017

The Lithuanian chess composers` society announces a jubilee tourney Mečislovas Rimkus – 75.

There are sections: #2, #3, #n, h#2, h#3, h#n.
If there were a lot of miniatures – they will compete in another sections.

The theme is free.

Entries with diagrams must be sent by 1st of July, 2017,
to Mečislovas RIMKUS, Pušyno g. 1-2, LT-71215 Kriūkai, Šakių rj., Lithuania
or by e-mail:

Write your post address.

The judge will be Mečislovas Rimkus.

Prizes: Lithuanian books of chess composition.
Every participant will receive a book by M. Rimkus.

The award will be announced in Lithuanian site:
on 24th of December, 2017 (birth day)
and printed in „Šachmatija“ N.4/2017.

e4 e5 "Gheorghe Ristea", C30-vi-2017

The "e4 e5" magazine announces the ”Gheorghe Ristea-75” Jubilee Tourney

#2 - formal tourney, free theme,
Maximum number of entries per composer: 5.

closing date June 30th 2017

Judge: Jorge Marcelo Kapros

Send your compositions to

Jubilé Jamal Elbaz 60, C 09-vi-2017

Jubilé Jamal Elbaz 60

La Fédération Royale Marocaines des Echecs organise Le jubilé 60 ans de Mr Jamal Elbaz.
Une seule section Helpmat en 2 coups.

HelpMat 2 coups ( H2#) : Juge Zivko Janevsky

Vos inédit à MJ Elbaz

Closing date 09/06/2017 anniversaire de Jamal Elbaz