ASIGC International Tournaments 2018, C30-x-2018

Associazione Scacchisttica Italiana Giocatori per Corrispodenza

ASIGC  International Tournaments 2018

13° Torneo Internazionale di Composizione ASIGC
#2 – 2017, Judge: Marco Guida

15° Torneo Internazionale di Composizione ASIGC
H#2 – 2017, Giudge Internazional:  Antonio Garofalo

  Free theme. 
The problems received are published monthly, with the solution, 
in the Newsletter ASIGC edited by Vito Rallo. 
All participants can download the Newsletter from the ASIGC website at:

No paper copy is sent to the authors. 
For both tournaments send the unpublished, only via email, to the editor 
within the 30.10.2018 
at the email address

All winners will receive diplomas