Sinfonie Scacchistiche 1965-2015 50th Jubilee, C 31-XII-2015

Sinfonie Scacchistiche 1965-2015 50th Jubilee

To celebrate Sinfonie Scacchistiche's 50th Jubilee, A.P.I. (Associazione Problemistica Italiana) organizes an International Informal tourney in the year 2015.

• Direct in 2 moves [≠2] [Judge: Marco GUIDA]

• Direct in n moves [n= ≠3-5] [Judge: Valerio AGOSTINI]

• Selfmate in n moves [n= S≠2-5] [Judge: Alberto ARMENI]

• Helpmate in 2 moves [H≠2] [Judge: Francesco SIMONI]

• Helpmate in n moves [n= H≠2,5-5] [Judge: Antonio GAROFALO]

• Studies [+/=] [Judges: Marco CAMPIOLI, Enzo MINERVA] (**)

• Orthodox SPG [Shortest Proof Games] [Judge: Marco BONAVOGLIA]
(if computer tested please indicate C+ and the program used)

• Fairy: required are Help-Selfmate in n moves [n= HS≠2-4]
(any number of fairy pieces, max 1 fairy condition) [Judge: Mario PARRINELLO]

Free theme in all sections.

All entries must be received within 31/12/2015 by the Tournament Director, exclusively via e-mail ( and will be published in the magazine (each participant will receive a copy of the publication and the award).

Direttore: Valerio Agostini ( Perugia, Italia ).
Giudici: Enzo Minerva ( Lesa, Italia ), Marco Campioli ( Sassuolo, Italia ).
Inviare le composizioni entro il 31 dicembre 2015 a Valerio Agostini:
Award spedito a tutti i partecipanti, su Sinfonie Scacchistiche e nel sito