Daniel KEITH (France) - 62JT, C 19-IX-2015

Award : http://phenix-echecs.fr/telechargement/resultats_de_concours/Jubile_Keith_62.pdf

Announcement (09-XII-2014) : For a composer, any age is good for a great idea, and why should we wait 3 years more? So I propose a JT62!
Tournament of composition of studies. The theme is free.
No more than 3 entries per composer.
1st prize: a very good bottle of French wine. The bottle will be adapted to the tastes of the winner much as possible.
Judges: Martin MINSKI (Germany) & Jarl ULRICHSEN (Norway)
Send the studies to: "danielkeith@orange.fr" specifying "KEITH - 62JT".
Closing date: 19th September 2015.
The preliminary award of the tourney will be published in the French magazine PHENIX.