Carlos Nafarrate 100th JT, C07-vii-2017


Carlos Nafarrate, esteemed composer of chess problems and more esteemed author of palindromes, will celebrate 100 years old in July 07, 2017.  To celebrate his anniversary, the Argentine Union of Chess Problems announces the “Jubilee Tourney Carlos Nafarrate – 100” with  the stipulation mentioned below:

Single section- Help-stalemate (h=n) with symmetric position and asymmetrical solution/solutions. There are not accepted zeropositions, promoted pieces, fairy pieces and/or fairy conditions.

Judge: Jorge M. Kapros.

Unlimited computer-tested entries must be sent in diagrams with complete solution and any comments by e-mail to the Director of the event Mario G.Garcia

The closing date is July 07, 2017.

The award will be sent by e-mail to all participants and published on the site of the Argentine Union of Chess Problems, site dedicated to the history of chess problem composition in Argentina.

See here about symmetrical solutions, or even here for the symmetry in general.