18 TT PU C25-iii-2017

18 TT “PROBLEMIST UKRAJINY” (The Problemist of Ukraine) – 2017

«Problemist of Ukraine» announces a tourney in three sections for miniatures presenting the below themes.

Twomovers. White unpins a pinned black piece (pawn) which then makes at least one move.
Judge: Nikolay Belchikov (Belarus)

Threemovers. In different lines of the solution (set, try or actual play) at least one square welcomes more than one unit of the same colour on the same move (W1, W2, W3, B1 or B2). Twins are allowed but not multiple solutions.
Judge: Charles Ouellet (Canada)

Moremover. Mate in 4-6 moves with 1 or more twins obtained from the initial position by translating (shifting) the position without loss of pieces. The stipulation must be the same in all twins.
Judge: Pietro Pitton (Italy)

Original problems are to be sent before 25.03.2017,
to Mykola Chernyavskyy: mt41251@gmail.com

In each of the sections, the winner will then propose a theme for the next tourney and judge it.

Please abide by this requirement. Results will be published in the journal "Problemist
Ukrajiny” and at WEB-site grandmaster V. Kopyl: http://www.chess-kopyl.com.ua/.

We will also be thankful for sending us published problems presenting the themes.

We wish you success in your creative work!

(More info : http://www.chess-kopyl.com.ua/ua/)