Valentin Rudenko MT, C 31-viii-2016

Valentin RUDENKO Memorial Tourney

The Chess Federation of Ukraine, its Commission for Chess Composition, and the editors of The Problemist of Ukraine announce a composing tourney in memory of outstanding modern problemist Valentin Rudenko (19.02.1938 – 02.04.2016) in the following sections:
Twomovers – judge V. Dyachuk (e-mail:
Threemovers – judge V. Kryzhanivsky (e-mail:
Moremovers – judge A. Karamanits (e-mail:
Helpmates – judge A. Semenenko (e-mail:
Selfmates – judge Y. Gordian (e-mail:
Problems are to be sent to the email address of the judge of the respective section before September 1, 2016.
The Memorial Tourney award will be published in a separate booklet and sent to the participants whose problems are included in the award. Other participants will receive an electronic version of the award.
A prize fund for the winners has been set up.