Swedish CCCC Uppsala 2016, C 31-v-2016

Swedish Chess Championship
Composing Challenge 
Uppsala 2016

The Swedish Chess Championship in Uppsala in the summer of 2016 will be a chess festival with all types of chess tournaments. One of them is a problem composing challenge open for everyone!

Create a chess problem where white delivers check mate in a certain number of moves (the number is optional) against blacks best defense.
It must be an orthodox problem, that follows the FIDE chess rules.
The position shall be as materially balanced as possible, as if it was taken from a "normal" chess game. Examples of such problems you can see here : http://www.usss.se/wp/?p=2337#more-2337

Send contributions at the latest by the 31st of May to problem@sm2016.schack.se.
Judge: Kaj Engström.

Five prizes will be awarded and winners will be announced during the Swedish Chess Championship in Uppsala July 15 to 24, 2016.