MT Iuri Akobia-80, C 31-i-2017

The Commission of Chess Composition of Georgia and
the Union Argentina of Problematicists of Chess (UAPA)
announce a composition tourney (studies) in homage to Iuri Akobia.

The thematic tournaments are related to the content of the three books of Iuri Akobia, namely:

Section A) Studies with stalemate - Judge: David Gurgenidze

Section B) Studies with mate - Judge: David Gurgenidze

Section C) Studies with positional draw - Judge: Mario G. García

Send the studies before 1-2-2017 to the Director: Mario G. García :
Not more than three problems per composer in each section (joint works allowed).
Prizes: The books of Iuri Akobia to the winners in relation with each of the thematic sections, and diplomas.
The preliminary award will be sent to all participants and will be seen in the website of the UAPA