Mihaiu Cioflâncă-70 JT, C25-xii-2016

"Mihaiu Cioflâncă-70" JT 2016
A Formal International Composing Jubilee Tourney «Mihaiu CIOFLÂNCĂ-70» 2016 is announced in two sections:

1) helpmates in 2 moves. 
Theme is free. 
Judge: Vitaly MEDINTSEV (Russia).

2) helpmates in 3 move. 
Theme is free. Judge: 
Vitaly MEDINTSEV (Russia).

Award will be published on the websitehttp://clubulproblemistilorromani.blogspot.ro/p/mihaiu-ciof
Also, the award (brief version) will be published in the magazine «e4 e5».. All participants will receive the award by email. 

Entries should be sent to Dan-Constantin Gurgui on his e-mail: www_chessplayer_ro@yahoo.com 
until December 25, 2016.