JT “Frank Richter + Sven Trommler = 100”, C 28-iii-2016

Jubilee tournament “Frank Richter + Sven Trommler = 100”

In March resp. April 2016 the problemists Frank Richter and Sven Trommler celebrate their 50th birthdays. On this occasion a jubilee tourney is announced in two sections:

A: Orthodox selfmates in 2-15 moves, free theme

B: Logical direct-play fairies (#n, s#n, r#n, etc.) in 4-15 moves.

Authors are kindly requested to indicate the software used in testing and to which extend the test was partial or full. Both sections will be judged jointly by Frank and Sven. The prize fund of 300AC will be divided among the sections according to the quality of the entries. These should be sent to the tourney director Arnold Beine, Grund 15, 65366 Geisenheim, Germany; arnold.beine@web.de, by 28 March 2016.