Evgeny Fomichev-50 JT, C 1 VI 2014

To celebrate his 50th birthday, StrateGems is organizing E. Fomichev-50 JT in two sections: threemovers and moremovers (4-10 moves only) with a subsection for miniatures. The tourney also commemorates Alexander Galitsky and the 150th anniversary of his birthday. His book (in two volumes), written by Evgeny Fomichev and Kirill Urusov, will be awarded to 1st prize winners. Other prize winners will receive books from the library of StrateGems. The prize winners in miniatures will receive small Khokhloma souvenirs.

Judges: Evgeny Fomichev & Kirill Urusov.

Send entries by email only to: e_fomichev13@mail.ru with copy to kirill_urusov@mail.ru
Due date: 1 June 2014

Award : http://www.selivanov.ru/download/Awards/Drugie/2014/%20fomN.pdf