Composition Tourneys in WCCC, Batumi 2013, C 20 IX 2013

Here are Announcements and/or Awards from the composition Tourneys in WCCC, Batumi 2013.

The president of WFCC mr Harry Fougiaxis has compiled (22 Oct 2013) a bulletin file with all the proceedings in Batumi.

D.Gurgenidze 60 JT Announcementjt_gurgenidze-60_2013_congress-batumi.pdf
G.Mosiashvili 65 JT Announcement...
G.Nadareishvili MT Announcementmt_nadareishvili_eg_2013_congress-batumi.pdf
SPIŠSKÁ BOROVIČKA AnnouncementAward of 25th TT spisska borovicka
4th Bulgarian Wine Tourney 2013 Announcement4th-bulgarian-wine-tourney.html
1° Azemmour AnnouncementAward_1o_Azemmour.pdf
11th Romanian Tzuica Tourney AnnouncementTzuica-2013-Award.pdf
2013 13th Sake Announcement...
2th Azerbaijan Study tourney, Batumi 2013 Announcement...
Jenever Ty 2013 Announcement...
Sabra 16 AnnouncementSabra 16 Award revised
VODKA 2013 Announcement?VODKA TOURNEY-awards.pdf
Champagne 2013 Announcement?Notes of award