Die Schwalbe 210th TT, C 21 VIII 2013

The German magazine Die Schwalbe announces its 210th Theme Tourney to mark the centenary of the distinguished composer Werner Speckmann.
This is for direct-mate moremovers using the fairy piece Empress, which combines the moves of R and S. No other fairy chess elements are allowed.

Judge : Guenter Buesing.
Entries preferably by email as plain text files to Hans Gruber : <hg.fee@t-online.de>.
In exceptional circumstances this postal address may be used : Ostengasse 34, 93047 Regensburg, Germany.

Closing date : 21st August 2013

Two examples :
Peter Kniest, v feenschach 1972, [8/1p2K3/1P6/3k4/E7/8/2S5/8] (4+2) (Empress a4), #3
1.Se1 [2.Sd3 3.Eb4], 1...Kc6 2.Eb4+ Kc5 3.Sd3#, 1...Ke5 2.Sf3+ Kd5/Kf5 3.Ec3#/Eh4#

Zdenek Mach, v Springaren 1951, [1B3KQ1/2s5/3E4/3Bk3/7p/4p3/3s4/8] (5+5) (Empress d6), #2
1.Be4 [2.Ee6#] Sxe4/Kxd6 2.Ed5#/Qd5#