API 3rd Mini-Tour Savana-Safari tourney C 31 VIII 2013

The Italian Problemist Association (API) organize the 3rd Mini-Tour called SAVANA-SAFARI.
To the tourney will be admitted every kind of problems among 2-6 moves. Every work will
have to contain one or more fairy pieces among the following, which are characteristic animals
of the African savannah:
– antelope [leaper 3,4]
– gnu [leaper 1,2] + [1,3]
– lion
– locust
– zebu [leaper 1,3] + [1,4]
– giraffe [leaper 1,4]
– zebra [leaper 2,3]
Problems are admitted with more solutions or twins, but not zeroposition and duplex.
It is not admitted any kind of fairy conditions. All problems must be computer tested (C+).
Maximum six problems for author.
Please send your entries to valerio.agostini@gmail.com
It is guaranteed the copy of magazine (Sinfonie Scacchistiche) and the award (on-line).

Closing date: 31 August 2013

Award : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2-Lv0IlDIs6MDdwaGRYaDhiNDFIekgyQWNIQUs2WFBwUkZF/view?usp=sharing