Mario G Garcia-65 jubilee tourney (Part A), C 31 VII 2013

The Union Problemistas’s Argentina of Chess announces the tournament of composition to commemorate Mario Guido García’s 65th birthday.

Prizes: Books. Honourable mentions and commendations will be awarded
The preliminary award of tourney will be sent to participants by e-mail and will be published on the website of Unión Argentina de Problemistas de Ajedrez (UAPA)

The competition will be realized in the following sections:
Part A -PROBLEMS- Send entries until July 31, 2013:
2# – Judge José Coello Alonso (España)
3# – Judge Alberto R. Rodríguez (Argentina)
n# – Judge Mykola Chernyavskyj (Ucrania)
Helpmates – Judge Christer Jonson Suecia)
Selfmates – Judge Frank Richter (Alemania) – Indicate the program used in the verification

Theme of compositions free- not more than three per composer– send to the tourney director and judge associate in mates direct: Mario Guido García (Note: Qualification of the problems from 1 to 4 points, elaborate for three experts in the resolution. The report is not binding, on the judges).

See also : Part B - STUDIES