Nikolay Zujev-60 jubilee tourney, C 10 IV 2013

Jubilee tourney Nikolay Zujev – 60

On the occasion of 9th European chess solving championship The Lithuanian chess composers` society announces a jubilee tourney Nikolay Zujev – 60 in two parts.
Entries are to be sent
(1) by 1st of April, 2013, to Nikolay Zujev, Poilsio g.16-18, LT-93174 Klaipėda, Lithuania or
(2) by e-mail to, in that case by 10th of April, 2013.

The judge will be Nikolay Zujev. The award will be announced in the closing ceremony of 9th ECSC on Sunday 28th of April, 2013. See full announcement!

Award (25-04-2013) : see here